Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank You Grandma

I was spending some time at the home of my friends Jordan and Rachel when I came across some fantastically retro treasures. Rachel's grandma had given her a bag of old clothes hoping that her garments could get one more go-round. Alas, Rachel didn't want any of them, so of course, I asked if I could rummage through. I found a bunch of lovely belts that are so wonderfully trendy right now. Here are my keepers:

I LOVE the black one up in the left corner.

I wore one of them to church on Sunday

I added a pink one to an old black dress, and wore it to Thanksgiving dinner.

So fun!


tims said...

those look soo good on you!!! sooo fun!

Mom said...

What a find!! Once again you create beauty out of someone else's discarded pile.

TheWinnFamily said...

You are so cool JJ. (seriously!) Sar told me you have a new cd...can't wait to listen!

Carol Phillips said...

Okay... these are ridiculously FABULOUS! I'm officially jealous! :) You look beautiful and wear them well!

Mom said...

You should totally borrow some... I'm still trying to find things to wear them with. They might be out of style by the time I get it figured out!

*jj said...

cute ornament idea