Sunday, April 27, 2008

Decatur, Illinois

Hey friends, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not neglecting you... I guess maybe I am. I'm in Illinois right now, resting at the Holiday Inn Express before our gig tonight. I'm excited to get back home and start back to work on that troublesome dress of mine. Thanks for all of your feedback about my problem.

I decided to bite the bullet and do a very involved repair. I already ripped out the collar and seams that attach the front of the dress to the sleeves. I'm going to piece together what I have left of my fabric to remake the top of the dress and create something of an empire waistline. I have a ton of work ahead of me, but hopefully I can salvage it. Wish me luck!


Pauly said...

You go, girl! You can do it! G-O, G-O, G-O, Go Go Go!!! Guess I'm a bit of a cheerleader :-)

Anonymous said...

HEY! (again) We used to live in central IL about 30 minutes away from Decatur before moving to middle TN last Memorial Day. We went to church in Decatur. Small world.

Erisa Rei

I'll eventually stop posting comments.....I'm kinda bored.