Saturday, June 7, 2008

Completion (Almost)

We still have a few more details left to do, but since it's almost finished, I thought I'd post a few photos. I borrowed the shower curtain from downstairs for the photo shoot, but I'm pretty sure I want to get a white shower curtain to put up. The birds are a little too busy for my taste (combined with the wainscoting, and two different types of tile). I also still want to get a metal shower rod as well.

Here's the before:

And after:
Isn't it pretty? The floor is my favorite part. I LOVE how it turned out!


Anonymous said...

That floor is gorgeous. I remember looking at tiles like that when I was pondering my bathroom revamp.


Sanna said...

JJ, those tiles are amazing! Looks fabulous.

Pauly said...

Looks wonderful, JJ! I'm so proud of you and David!

TheWinnFamily said...

FABULOUS! Love it. We have very similar taste I think.

Sleepless Stitch said...

It all looks very nice. I kind of like the shower curtain in there, but don't get to see it in person so just going by the photo. ;)
I would love to do tile in our bathroom but we rent...the landlord wouldn't mind, ya think lol :D
Wonderful job!