Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post! We've been traveling up a storm these last few weeks, and it's been going great.

Lucy does really well on airplanes (praise the Lord!). She's already been on six flights, which is quite a feat for a 10 week-old. We think she enjoys the ambient sound of the jet engines and being close to Mommy and Daddy.

We went to Phoenix for almost a week...

... then Albuquerque for one night (yikes!), and now we're in San Jose for two nights.

Lucy has a had a wonderful time visiting both sets of grandparents.. and they loved every minute of it too :)

She has been smiling a TON and it's been so much fun.


Briana said...

It was so fun to see you guys today and meet little Lucy! She is absolutely beautiful...what an amazing gift :)

Elli said...

It's good to hear that your traveling is going well. How nice that little Lucy is a good traveler...probably because you and your husband seem like pretty laid back people, that helps. :)

Coie said...

Hi -- You don't know me, but I was looking through a Christian bookstore the other day and randomly picked up "The Pretty and the Plain"...I love it, as does the rest of my family! Anyways, I went to your website, which led me here and I was further delighted to see that you are a fellow seamstress. I like you even better now. :)

Your baby is lovely -- what a precious little blessing!


- Sarah :-) said...

She is just SO stinking adorable. And I'm so jealous at yoru sewing skills. ha ha

Seriously, though - where did you learn??

Kortney said...

Hey JJ~

Check out might like it to stay connected with your family friends and fans! All you do is send a text to your page and keeps everyone connected thru out your travels. Quick, easy, and fun! =]

Gods Joy,

sara said...

Your music came up several times on my iTunes today and really encouraged my heart. Thank you for these songs, J J!

(Little Lucy is SO adorable!)