Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These photos were taken on Lucy's birthday...

I think it would be impossible to say how much Dave loves this little girl. She brings out a playful side of him that sometimes gets buried by booking calls, checkbook balancing and other administrative duties. He is a wonderful daddy.


Josh Wax said...

i've been slacking on my blog reading for quite a while now. Just wanted to say that Lucy is beautiful. I especially loved the video in the last blog.

And I still hope to bring you guys to Hebron Baptist Church in Denham Springs, La one day. I mention y'all to my music minister every now and then. He always says he likes the idea, but then never goes with the idea.

Now is a tough time to get anything going on as well because we just started a capital growth campaign, which basically says "don't spend money" because we started a building plan for our church. Maybe once i'm out of school I can focus some time, thought, and money into it because i would seriously love to have y'all there.

Karen said...

These pictures are great. I love Lucy's tiny little yawn.