Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful Things

Dave and I are friends with an enormously talented artist named Elizabeth Foster. We've been looking at her art all week around the studio (we've been recording a new project for the past week and a half... hence the lack of blog posts), and we decided that we'd like some artwork of our very own.

I've been wanting to hang more art around the house but it's hard for us to spend money on things that don't necessarily serve a practical purpose. However, I'm so glad that we decided to buy these two pieces AND I love the idea of supporting a friend of ours in the process. We will enjoy these paintings for years to come and they will bring beauty and joy to our home. I suppose that's a practical purpose, right?

How many times can I say it... I love birds! These pieces were just exactly what we wanted. I picked out the big one, and Dave really liked the smaller one.

We hung the bigger one (it's about the same width as the mirror in the top photo) over the bistro table in our breakfast room, but I don't have a good shot of that. I was holding the baby and trying to get out the door, so I asked Dave if he would snap a few photos. I'm planning to take a few later so you can see the paintings in context, but we'll see what happens...

I love the victrola and the fact that there are little stars hanging from the clouds. It's so whimsical and magical. I told Dave that I now know what I want for my birthday... more Elizabeth art!


Briana said...

wow, I love those paintings! I looked at her website and she didn't have any other paintings that really looked like those you know if she has any other similar bird ones for sale?? I would love to check them out because I love birds too!

Jennifer said...

wow they're beautiful!

Angela said...

love love love birds. those are too sweet and a great addition to any home (just wish it was mine)! ;-)

Pauly said...

I totally agree, JJ—whimsical and charming and innocent! Just lovely. Enjoy them always.

Laura said...

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home....

This art is a thing of beauty
which will add beauty to your home.
It will also support & encourage
the creative gift of the artist, your friend.
What a privilege!
Joy, indeed.
{{* *}}

marcia furman said...

Those pieces are gorgeous!!

I just discovered your music today when one of my youth girls told me about you. She is now attending Malone college and saw you perform last night. She said that a soon as you started singing she knew that I would love your music...and I do! Amazing stuff. Thanks so much!

I'll be looking forward to reading your blog as well!