Saturday, November 21, 2009

Radio Interview

Dave and I had a chance to visit the K-LOVE studios this Friday. We spent an hour in the studio with afternoon DJ's Scott and Kelli. It was A LOT of fun. I hope you enjoy listening:)

The interview segments are at the beginning, 7:17, 27:58, and 44:19.

JJ Heller 11/20/09 KLOVE Interview from The Secret Life Of Kat on Vimeo.


thekirnancrib said...

awesome! I love hearing your music on the RADIO! :)

Christy Joy said...

YAY!!!!! That is SO awesome! Praise God!

I am SO excited more people are learning about your music. It has meant a LOT to me in the past year and God has awesome things in store for your ministry!

Kim said...

Just have to say how MUCH I am enjoying your Wake Up The World download! Great music, once again -- such a beautiful gift you have!

Peggy said...

You know this is pretty amazing! I came across your blog via numerous other blogs while looking for thrifty craft/decorating. However lately I've been looking for good acoustic Christian music. The stuff I listened to as a teen, well, let's just say it no longer fits! I love seeing how God works! I would have never come across your music if it hadn't been for the of so subtle movements of the Holy Spirit in guiding me here!

Peggy (pray for us as we prepare for a move from Alaska to Indiana in January... w/ 2 young teens, 1 10 yr old, 2 dogs, and 2 adults, woo hoo!! 9 days of driving!!)

Tucker Family said...

Hi JJ,
I just love your music... I am getting ready to go out to our Christian bookstore and buy your CD, they have the last copy on hold for me. :)
I wanted to share that your song "Your Hands" is pretty much how I have been feeling this past year. Feb. 09 I had an emergency c section, I was 6 weeks early, my son was 3lbs 8 oz. He spent 2 weeks in the hospital, and then about a month after we brought him home, he came down with RSV. If we wouldn't of taken him to the hospital that night, he would of died that night... it was so horrible to go through somehting like that and to think that he's not going to make it. We had to be airlifted to a bigger hospital 2 hours from home. Our son is doing great now, and we're getting ready to celebrate his first birthday!
Then, the first time that your music really grabbed my attention...
Last October we found out we were expecting again (surprise!) and the beginning of December we went in for a OB appointment and they did and ultrasound and we found out that the babies heart wasn't beating and that we lost our baby... on the way home your song was playing on K-Love and it just touched my heart so much!
Through all the trials we have had this past year, God has been so good and has made Himself so present in our lives. I know one day we will be united with our baby in Heaven!
Thank you for your music and that song! I've shared it now with one of my best friends who isn't a Christian and just miscarried last week, and now she's going out to get your CD. What a wonderful way to witness to someone!!