Friday, September 3, 2010


Since I haven't been home recently to do anything crafty, I decided to post more tutorials that I've run across recently. Check out this one about how to take in the waist of your jeans. Love it!

I've added Freshly Picked to my blogroll. I just found it, and I just love it!


Pauly said...

Very cool, J. Only you have to have a machine that's got enough oomph to sew through all that jeans fabric. My old Kenmore didn't have the gusto for it. But now I know who to go to when I need to have my jeans taken it (as if that's gonna happen!) Do you have a tutorial for letting out jeans?

Creative Mama said...

holy cow... you've been having that issue for YEARS! looove it!!!

your such a clever soul!

Tracey said...

I just went to the jeans tutorial bc I have "issues" with jeans too. But after the second step I was overwhelmed. Have I told you that I am not a process person? Too impatient. Thus, I think I will stick to my belts.

Jessica said...

This is awesome!! Can't wait to fix all my jeans :)