Friday, January 28, 2011

So Pretty

Look at this fantastic project

I ran across today! I just thought I'd share the genius. This brooch would make a great Valentine's Day gift.


Angela McClanahan said...

This is totally cute! Thanks for sharing. I just wonder how long this would take. Think I might try it.

Darby May said...

haha, if only I was crafty enough to do this - that's really pretty!

jen frederick said...

Thanks for linking to this project! I made one today and was pretty happy with how it turned out!

I love reading your blog - it always inspires me to be a bit more creative :)

The Flaky Christian said...

That is sso adorable. I think I'll make one for my Sister-In-Law with a Pic of my brother. He's serving in Iraq, and that would be a wonderful way for her to keep his Picture with her.


Creative Mama said...

totally pulled the same photo a few weeks ago1!! what a GREAT idea!