Saturday, December 22, 2007

Condo Reno

When Dave and I lived in Phoenix, we decided to buy a condo to live in. We lived there for a year, and we loved our little place so much that we decided to rent it out when we moved away to Nashville. We're about to get some new renters (hopefully soon :), so we decided to replace the tired old carpet with some brand new wood laminate floor (with the help of our dear friend Michael).

We ripped up the old nasty carpet and the carpet pad underneath.

Then we pried up all the wood strips around the perimeter (that had carpet tacks in them).

We went to Costco and bought 56 boxes of laminate flooring, and 6 installation kits.

I was so proud of myself for laying some of the floor. I look funny because I had to put a little pressure down by connecting end so that it wouldn't bend upward when I pounded the other end.

Here's the living room before...

And here it is in progress... but you can see how GREAT it's looking!

Dave also replaced both bathroom faucets. Here's the old one. If you click on the photo, you can see how yucky and corroded it is.

And here's the new fixture.

We had to take a break for a few days, but we should be getting back to work on Monday!


Sarah M said...

Gotta love Costco laminate, that's what Brian and put in that Elizabeth house. I hate nasty carpet - way to go Hellers!

Sarah S said...

LOVE IT! Wonderful work!

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