Monday, August 4, 2008

Mulch Better

Please excuse my pun... I couldn't resist :). Dave and I decided to buy a few more plants to put in by our mailbox, and some mulch. I can't believe we didn't put mulch in sooner! The difference is dramatic for something so inexpensive. Hooray for mulch!





Anonymous said...

your house is WAY cute! Hey I found a dresser that would match that modern looking nursery idea you want for your baby girl Lucy, I found it on a girl's website she posts Ebay finds on there, it's the second post on the page, it's a brown and white desk and dresser, they're only 21 bucks then, maybe more by now... but they're great to check out! you could sand down the brown and paint it white, if you're going for all white, hope it helps, i'll post this on your myspace too incase you don't check this by tonight, the auction ends SOON!
-Rachel from Fresno

Carol said...

Looks awesome!! I never can believe how mulch difference some fresh mulch makes! Now, maybe we can get brave enough to tackle the scary house next door. ;)

Sarah S said...

hey. why are your shrubs soo tiny still? LOVE the mulch... it's soo great!

Amy said...

Now that is awesome!

Pauly said...

Wow! What a difference it makes—such curb appeal!

*jj said...

the shrubs are dwarfs.. they'll always be small :)