Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Walk in the Garden

Dave and I FINALLY got to see the Northwest in the summer. We've been here several times, but always when it's cold and rainy. We took a day trip to Portland to check out the rose garden in bloom, and it did not disappoint. I wish we could've been there at sunset when the light was a little nicer, but we still came away with a few fun shots (thanks Dave :).

And here's Lucy and me at 23 weeks..


Laura said...

I see a precious little Lucy blossom
in Mama's garden.

Thanks for sharing the visual joy!

Sarah S said...

ooo JJ! soo lovely... you are such a pretty mama... how you feeling these days? AND I HAVE THAT SHIRT TOO!

Pauly said...

Beautiful garden ... beautiful lady!

Sarah M said...

beatiful, jj. the flowers are pretty too. I have been meaning to tell you of another Lucy Heller (spelled Luce), my beloved Grandmother. You could not have chosen a better name! i blogged about her several months ago.

Amy said...


Love love all the variety of God's's amazing how it so fills your spirit :)

Love the baby belly too! You are so beautiful :D

Sleepless Stitch said...

So glad you got to see our Portland rose garden...I haven't been up there for ever and I live here. ;)
And your lil' Lucy is growing so much!! Love to see the tummy pictures...that is the one thing I miss...being able to just sit and feel the lil' gift inside move around. So calming.