Sunday, July 26, 2009

Savers & Garage Sales

I had so much luck finding treasures recently. I forgot to take photos of the clothes I found for Lucy, but I plan to use this fabric I found at Savers to make something fun for her to wear (I won't use them together of course :). Click on the photo to see the fun, retro detail in the fabric.

I found these mason jars for $2 each... I bought five. I thought they'd be great for sewing notions or I could add some tea lights and use them for outdoor lighting.

I went to a few garage sales on saturday and found this red bookshelf and this side table. I want to paint the table either white or some other funky color, but I don't want to paint it until we know what our new house will look like.

Here's how they're being employed right now. I'm SO proud of my organized fabric!


Laura said...

Organized fabric!
Such bliss.
Just like on the shelf
of an old General Store.

I will take it as inspiration!
Thanks JJ
{{* *}}

Sarah S said...

can I PLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAASE have your swirlly leg table!!! :) amazing finds... seriously... God really likes to look out for you...

Carol said...

You are the queen of garage saling, thrift storing, and flea marketing. Seriously... I LOVE seeing your treasures!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!