Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been too busy to take any photos recently, but here are a couple that my sister in law, Jes, took during our brief time moving into our new home.


Sarah S said...

you have a little blondie!!! AND what a beautiful piece of furniture!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww shes so cute!! can't wait to see more pictures of your new home!

kierstin said...

Lucy is seriously gorgeous. And yes, house tour please!

loveneverfailsyou said...

your daughter is just precious! and I love your music!! I just recently found it about a month ago.. I really wanted to get a tshirt, but you have none! haha when are you going to come out with some! :)

Kate said...

You have the most beautiful daughter- seriously, I'm a preschool minister, I see lots of lovely children. :-) i love your music and I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your inspiration!

Tracy said...

So blessed to have heard your song
"Your Hands" WOW... I came home and had to have my 13 year old listen to it.

Then listened to much more. Beautiful and moving. What a blessing.

Then found your blog! Your daughter is beautiful. Children are such a blessing!!!

Stop by our blog somtime if you get a chance!