Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not-So-Exciting Garden Update

So... our little garden is barely hanging on, while our neighbors garden is practically bursting at the seams with produce. Here's the lesson: plant your garden in YOUR OWN yard!
Here's some spinach that we planted from seed.
Here are our carrots (planted from seed), growing at a snail's pace.
And herbs.
I've been intending to plant some tomatoes and a few other things, but based on the difficulty level of walking down the street to our neighbor's house, I don't think it's worth it. I wish there was an easy way to transfer the whole thing into our yard. Oh well. Live and learn... or if you're one of my plants... slowly die and learn.


Nicole said...

Ha, so funny! You're right, I can't imagine it would be much fun to keep a garden in your neighbor's yard. I have a difficult enough time tending to ours and it is IN our yard :-) Planting season is coming up soon here in Baltimore, yay!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Is there anyway you can put a couple of big water troughs for livestock in your yard? The reason being is they make great planters for your veggies!! You can add a drip system to them and they are cute and decorative and can fit on any patio ! Just a thought. You can also get some big pots and plant several herbs and tomatoes in them as well. They are kept off the ground which out here can almost absorb heat and dry out fast. They are very easy to put together and with a lot of praying...anything can happen, right?! Good luck and hope you have some great delicious veggies soon!!

Amber Chacko said...

Cilantro is lovely...Once you plant it, it will come back each and every year...and will start to spread out all over your garden. I was able to use some itty bitty baby cilantro that just bloomed in an Indian dish I prepared this weekend...

Anonymous said...

Well, your herbs look great! You really are fun to follow.. I have a daughter with six kids and she is just like you, all crafty!! If you have time.. check out her FB page "oh sew green"! She just started her garden indoors and is very excited for spring in Idaho! Thanks for sharing your garden and crafts with us.. not to mention your beautiful music!

Anonymous said...

I agree to transfer into large pots They will grow very nicely. You should go to the library and pick up some books on container planting. Keep the faith!

Gretchen Rettig said...

You get an A for effort! Your herbs do look good, but you should space them out more. Thyme is a perennial and it will spread to be up to 14" around, coming back every year. If you have them planted so close they cannot get bigger. Basil and Cilantro also need a good amount of space around them too but are tender perennials that will die off if you get a cold snap or frost. Amber is right about Cilantro spreading on its own. Basil will grown and grow in warm climates but any chill or frost will kill them. I think you did really well for a beginner and since there is so much to learn don't be hard on yourself. With time you will get the hang of it! The internet is full of resources for the beginner on up to master gardeners. One thing you really should investigate are various forms of organic fertilizers. Fertilizers are essential to gaining a bounty of produce. Have fun with it and don't stress about failures!

Tina said...

Awwww JJ I'm sorry that your garden is barely hanging in there... Maybe they're just following the way of the turtle: Slow and steady wins the race. Don't give up on the little guys yet!

Katie said...

I would like to suggest using some miracle grow or putting some miracle grow potting soil on top. I DO NOT have a green thumb in any way, and when I use these products, my garden flourishes!
God BLess you and your beautiful little family!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I just put together our raised garden. I have the plants but am waiting until the 15th to plant them... I am planting kale, onion, basil, tomatoes, red bell pepper, and jalapeno. I am so excited!


The Bohns said...

We are having a problem with our garden as well. We started out with carrots and onions and green/pinto beans...all we are left with is the beans. Between them not surviving the transplant to the quail getting to them. We are hopefully putting more seeds out soon. Hope your garden gets better!

{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

I don't get why you can't transfer them to a garden at your house? Do you not have the space? You could shovel a few at a time and transplant them.
we (some classmates, my children and myself) are putting fence posts up to section off a part of the pasture and are make a huge garden. Some of it will be a community garden for my classmates, some of it will be for a women/children's shelter and some of it will be for my children and myself to eat and to sell. We are all so very excited for the rains to let up a bit and get going on it.
Do you know of anyone with fertilizer you can have? Sounds funny but rabbits have the best fertilizer for gardens.

Roberta said...

That's funny, but I can relate. A few years ago we planted tomatoes along the fence, technically in our neighbors yard, but practically in our own back yard, and I still couldn't remember to water them. :S

Emii said...

JJ! I didn't know how else to contact you, and I was wondering -- would you be able to spare a few minutes to answer a few questions (via email) for a mini-interview over at my blog, Girlz 4 God? If so, thankyou!! If you're too busy, I understand :)

Sommer said...

Hey JJ..so I saw on twitter that you are shopping for cute baby names..we have three girls and looking to adopt maybe one more:) Here are our names and ones we love
Juniper "Juny"
..just to name a few:) enjoy

ashley @ divorced and 21 said...

little gardens are a delight!

Promotional Pens said...

Your herbs look great. Can't wait to see you tomatoes. Don't worry the carrots will come along.

QuiltnSillyPoet said...

I just had to say...your carrots are so tiny and cute! Maybe they're baby carrots? LOL! I had a black thumb for YEARS, so don't worry about it...and yes- I gave up growing veggies and grew herbs and houseplants instead!

I have a blog too, if you'd like to see :) http://footprintsinthemudblog.blogspot.com/

I have a column of the same name in an online magazine called Ruby for Women, based on Proverbs 31. I thought you might have an interest, since it's written for Christian moms. :) God Bless!

Liv Szari said...

My friend told me about your blog and said we had similar taste! It's true, I love your style!! My husband and I are starting a little garden of our own =)

nacotaco said...

ripped up newspaper under the dirt is an excellent way to keep roots moist in desert heat and dissoves by itself, just saying....works in Tucson...love gardens and the smell of dirt.

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