Monday, October 22, 2007


Dave talked me into it... I went on a one-hour ride in a helicopter with no doors. But it was GREAT! I was really nervous until we finally lifted off, and then it seemed like a dream... the kind where you have the power to fly. I was in the front seat, squished in between the pilot and Dave (who was literally hanging out the window for most of the flight). I was in charge of the video camera (we MUST edit down my 20 minutes of footage), and Dave took a bunch of really lovely photos. The views were breathtaking and I'm SO glad we had this once in a lifetime experience.
This was the group that left after our flight.. but this was THE helicopter.

Nepali Coast

We're happy because we made it back alive :)


Sarah M said...

what a fantastic experience. there is nothing else like it. i bet dave got some incredible shots.

Pauly said...

I'm glad you made it back alive, too! Can't wait to see all the photos. Soon!

Sarah S said...


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