Thursday, May 1, 2008

31 Cents

For those of you who were (unfortunately) unaware, yesterday was 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. They have this wonderful event once a year, and we always try to take advantage. Dave and I met our friends Carol and Liam for pizza at the Mellow Mushroom (I just decided it's one of my favorites), then we took a short walk to make room for the ice cream, and headed over to Baskin Robbins. Fortunately the line hadn't gotten too long yet!

There were fire trucks parked out in front of the store. Liam went in for a closer look... although he looked a little unsure about the whole thing.

I got chocolate peanut butter, Dave got Daiquiri, Carol got Rocky Road, and Liam got an unusually sour batch of Rainbow Sherbet.

Fun times.


Carol Phillips said...

"how sweet it is to be loved by you..." seriously. we love you guys.

Josh Wax said...

ah, i didn't know that was like a national holiday...surprised people don't get out of work and school for that.

LiamsAuntLulu said...

I'm Laura, Carol's sister, and i'm so glad to see your post and pictures! I've heard so many wonderful things about you and I've decided I must meet you next time I'm in town! :) Thanks for loving my family so well!

TheWinnFamily said...

Yum - peanut butter n' chocolate is ALWAYS what I get -so good!