Thursday, May 29, 2008

Songwriting With Sammy

I was trying to do some songwriting today, and I got out the harmonica to find some inspiration. All of the sudden, Dave's parent's dog started to sing along. What's ironic is that this actually lightened the mood and enabled us to finish a song:)


Anonymous said...


That's priceless! You should take Sammy on tour with you.


Mom said...

Very melodic! Maybe you could teach Emma and Mr. Knightley to sing.

Sleepless Stitch said...

That is so funny!!! That even lightened my mood and gave me a smile :D Thanks for sharing.

Ahna said...

Hi JJ! I met you and Dave at the Radio Cafe (R.I.P.) about this time last year. My friend Sarah (Masen) Dark was playing there that night. Anyway, just randomly found your blog this morning by link-hopping a bit, and this video made me laugh out loud. Funny enough, on David and Sarah Dark's blog, they JUST posted a cool video of Buddy Greene playing the harmonica at Carnegie Hall. This video of the doggie singing along was the perfect complement to that one. I link to the Darks' blog from mine, so you can find it that way if you want.

Anyway, looks like y'all are doing well. Congrats on your expected baby! Maybe s/he will grow up with a little Southern twang! :)