Friday, May 30, 2008

Belated Gift

I just gave my mother-in-law her mother's day present (I was really busy before, okay?). She had given me some tablecloths and runners that once belonged to her grandmother. They were just sitting in a drawer, so she wanted me to use them if I had an interest. She said I could cut them up and use the appliques to my heart's content. So, I decided to use the flowers and leaves from one of the rummers to make my lovely mother-in-law a lovely tote bag for her knitting supplies. She likes it :).

P.S. Don't worry Mom... your gift is on the way!


The Porter Family said...

That is really cute JJ :) And I love the word "applique". It sounds so professional!

Sleepless Stitch said...

It looks great! And it is so very cool to be able to keep something in the family. :)
Have a blessed weekend!

Pauly said...

It IS perfect for my current knitting project—the ladies in my Friday afternoon knitting group loved it! Thanks for such a lovely gift, JJ!