Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heather and Sammie

My friend Heather came out to visit for a few days and help us get ready for Lucy's arrival. Heather was one of my roommates in college, and now she lives in Kansas. It was so fun to meet her beautiful, five month-old daughter, Sammie.
Here she is modeling a onesie I made for her:

The three of us at the house:

We let Sammie try out Lucy's floor gym... I think she liked it :)


Pauly said...

How sweet! Lucy is already learning how to share her toys!

The Porter Family said...

Oh she is super cute :) And thanks for the congrats! We are VERY excited! I can't believe it's only a matter of days (well a few weeks) til Lucy arrives!!!

Sarah S said...

what a doll!!!
Glad you got some more time with a good friend!!!

Sleepless Stitch said...

Has Lucy dropped? She looks really low in the photos.
Your friends are awesome! And I love the blog below this one of your first class. What a sweet husband you have to be the one to sport the prego vest. :)