Thursday, May 7, 2009

Budget Decorating Continued

Here's what our living room in our condo currently looks like. I kept meaning to take a better photo, but seeing how I have a hard time getting anything done, I thought I'd post what I had.

The piece of art on the wall is by Dave's grandmother who was an amazingly talented artist. We have a few of her pieces in Nashville, and I'm thrilled to have this lovely orange one in Phoenix. This is not where it's going to stay... there was just a nail already there, so I hung it there.

Ikea Ektorp couch and ottoman found on craigslist: $300
8x10 rug (with a big red stain carefully hidden under the couch): $100


Pauly said...

And Lucy on her tummy? Priceless!

Lorie said...

Nice living room. Sweet baby!

Ali O said...

LOVE the rug!!

Sarah S said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! the rug and the couch! xo