Monday, May 25, 2009

San Francisco

Our little Heller family took a day trip to San Francisco a few days ago and it was SO relaxing and wonderful.

We walked over to Ghirardelli Square (very touristy but very fun).

We spotted a super cute cupcake shop.

I was tempted to go inside for a taste, but I was holding out for one of my favorite desserts (stay tuned for the photo).

We went to Houston's, our favorite restaurant! We didn't have time for a meal, but we definitely had time for an ice cream sundae. I normally don't like chocolate sauce very much, but there is something magical about Houston's :)


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your family in san fransico! Little lucy is beautiful! I'm so happy for you.

Benjamin said...

Your music is awesome!!! I'm kinda cheating right now. I'm looking for some help. I've sent an email to "" If you or your husband could answer it I would be very appreciative!!!

Like the blog too, my wife and I will be following it going forward!!!

kristin said...

just went to kara's cupcakes at santana row for the first time and had the most delicious cupcake...although that sundae looks pretty tasty :)

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Kara's Cupcakes is so delicious! My mom and I just did a post on fun cupcake shops in different cities and Kara's was one of them! Our blog is if you want to check it out!

kate o. said...

too funny! i just told a friend about the wonders of houston's chocolate sauce the other day. and i, too, am not always a huge fan. i kind of think the ice cream is just there as a vehicle for the sauce. there is an amazing recipe for fudge sauce in "at blanchard's table" that reminded me of houston's.