Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Facebook strikes again. I somehow managed to get in touch with my sophomore english teacher Tracey, and we found out that we have many things in common (including a love of sewing). When our little family was in San Jose a few days ago, we were able to get together for a lovely dinner and great conversation. She even took some REALLY great photos of our little Lucy. Which reminds me that I forgot to post a link to THESE awesome photos taken by my friend Sarah last month.


Sarah S said...

LOOOOOVE Tracey's PHOTOS!!! thanks for the plug dear friend... your lucy is getting soo BIG!

Mom said...

I especially love the picture of Lucy with her hands behind her head...what a cutie! I miss you all already!

Hailey said...

hey JJ,

i just saw your email update! so excited for your new recording. i took a road trip this weekend and my lil sister was real fussy so i turned on one of your songs. she loved it. it got me to thinking "wow, JJ would probably make a really great lullaby cd!" idk, just a fun thought especially now that you have a lil one. :)

-Hailey, Co Springs

Jessi said...

On your friends blog, I just adore picture 2 4 and 6!!!