Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dave Is My Hero

He has been working so insanely hard at this cabinet project. It's taking so much more work than either of us thought... which is weird because we've painted cabinets before. The funny thing is, the last time we painted cabinets we said, "we're never going to paint cabinets again." Apparently we forgot we said that, and decided to paint anyway.

Our kitchen has been an absolute wreck for the past week, but I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We bought 34 hinges to replace these beauties. Yes, this is a photo of brass hinges spray-painted silver. Good try guys...

Here's a photo of the light we bought (we actually bought 3) to hang above the countertops. It's the single pendant one in the sort-of middle.


Pauly said...

What a guy! You certainly know how to pick 'em, JJ.

Mom said...

"Let's just say, he is someone worth getting to know" Who knew how prophetic those words would become. You did one of God's very best (I have the other one) (:

Jelly and Jack said...

Your kitchen looks so god JJ!! You guys have great taste :) And it sounds like you have great taste in men too ;)

rachel Ruelas said...

I'm insipired by your post! :) I own a home with my husband and we're struggeling to make it nicer.. your home was nice to begin with, that really helps. Ours is old and " rugged" and needs so much work, deffinatly a fixer uper. Glad you are around to inspire me, i adore your style.
PS. I worked with your sister Steph at Camp On The Hill at the churhc on the hill a LONG time ago. My maiden name is McDonald, and my older sister Karie worked there too with your sister and I. I've met you once or twice because you worked in JH summer camp right? I don't know if you remember me. I'm so glad you are singing, I went to a concert of yours awhile back when you played with your Dave, at Santa Cruz Bible. God's blessings to you deary.
-Rachel Ruelas