Wednesday, January 23, 2008


When Dave and I were in Seattle, we got a call from our friend, Brian, telling us that when he went over to our house to start working on the kitchen... he saw water everywhere. It seems that a little pipe behind our fridge had been leaking for 5 days while we were gone, and the water had soaked through the floor and down to the bathroom in our basement. The water then flowed out of the bathroom, down the hall, and drenched our carpet in the den.

Our insurance company (which is most likely going to cover all the damages) sent over a drying company to help get things under control. We're actually hoping that this will be a good opportunity to make the bathroom nice down there because it's always seemed like it was built as an afterthought. Here are some photos of what we found when we got back.
These are some of the driers.

The bathroom walls look like a nasty hotel.

And the ceiling..

Last, but not least..


Pauly said...

YUCKIES!!! I'm looking forward to the "After" photos.

JAK said...

Hey, I don't know what the big surprise have seen this kind of water damage frequently at our house!! Seriously, it is a a bummer to see your "home" in this condition. But knowing how creative you are you will make a bad situation into a positive outcome. The cabinets look really great!

kat biddle said...

oh no!! I know you'll fix that right up