Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Grandma

When Dave and I were staying with his parents awhile ago, Pauly asked me if I was interested in a piece of art that once hung in Dave's Grandmother Lisa's house. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for the nursery. It's so great to know that Lucy will have a little piece of family history in her room. Lisa is going to be a wonderful great grandmother!

Here's another little arrangement I hung the other day. My kind husband was willing to paint the letters blue for me, and I thought they looked really cute next to the pink sweater I found at an antique shop in Illinois.

Here's what the two arrangements look like in the context of the room.


Elli said...

Everything looks so perfect in little Lucy's room. I'm glad that she has such a wonderful home and family to come home to. She'll be here so soon and I know you must be excited and impatient all at the same time. You are going to be a great mom. :)

The Porter Family said...

Wow JJ. Everything is all in place and READY TO GO! I bet you CAN'T WAIT!!! Her room looks so airy and relaxing :)

Molly W. said...

SO cute JJ! Love the letters w/ the sweater!

mary said...

this is so cute! Lucy is going to love it!

Rebekah said...

O my goodness JJ and Dave! I ADORE everything about the nursery! It is so whimsical and charming in every way. It isn't overdone like so many nurseries and just really is lovely yet old-fashioned at the same time. I love the art piece, and even more so, that it is an antique from the family! And Lucy is a doll with all that hair! Praying for your recovery!!

Charsbeads4u said... guys did an amazing job on little Lucy's room! It looks so inviting! =)
I love the color scheme and Dave also did an amazing job on that Dresser, even if he did push it to the limit to get it done....guys...hahaha!
Love it though! =)
Take care you three! =)
Love in Christ,

Charsbeads4u said...

Oh...I meant to mention how touched I was about you receiving that piece of art work for Lucy's room...what a blessing that is...and how precious that you Honored Lisa by putting that up in Lucy's room! That brought tears to my eyes! *Hugs*
In His Peace

Angela said...

The room looks so sweet! I found your music on myspace and love it! You are so gifted! Happy baby days!

Amy and Family said...

Hello JJ,

What an amazing birth story... pretty impressive! Also I must say I am loving the blog and all the creative juices flowing on here. I have already saved about 3 pictures to try and duplicate as gifts for people. You (and hubby!) are so creative/artistic!

Congrats on a beautiful baby room and an even more beautiful baby!