Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Yet

Today is/was the day I predicted I would go into labor. However, it's now 5:15 pm and no sign of little Lucy. I've been fairly dilated for a couple weeks now (hence my prediction), but I haven't even reached my due date yet (which is on Saturday)! I feel like I've been patient up until this point, but now it's getting really difficult. The closer I get to my due date, the harder it is wait.

Today I thought of an analogy that may or may not communicate what I'm feeling. I compare it to preparing a meal. Everything smells lovely in the kitchen as all the components start coming together, but something changes as the food platters hit the table. Suddenly my hunger reaches a whole new level and I don't think I can wait any longer. As I start eyeing the foods I will devour first, I become more and more impatient with the stragglers who don't sit down at the table fast enough to appease my growling stomach.

This is where I am... my heart is growling!


Amy said...

Ah, JJ... don't be disheartened :(
Lucy will be here, and all the feelings of waiting will be a distant memory. She must just need to stay in for a bit longer...growing strong and getting ready for you. I won't tell you how late I was on all 3 of my babies...don't want to discourage! bless you girl! She will be here...she will on exactly the day God has ordained for her to come.

The Porter Family said...

We are praying that she comes soon!!!

SwitchingGranny said...


You aren't alone honey becoming anxious and a bit
"tired of being pregnant" by this time!

Bless your heart. I will pray that you find some distraction while you so eagerly await Lucy's birthday.

Please take advantage of your sleep (even though it is fitful and not comfortable) it is sleep that you get when you want it right now. Enjoy the freedom of picking up a book or surfing the internet or a sewing project. For as you know .. when Lucy comes you may have occasions to "long" for these times when you had time.

Love you dear sister.. you are already a lovely Mother.


Tiffany said...

My mom was like that with my sister ... She was due August but mom said no way ... so she rearranged a bedroom and my sister was born that night July 31.

Sarah S said...

you are really pregnant... food analogies... :) love you friend... nows a GREAT time to pull out those projects you never thought you'd have time for... or go to that place... you've been dying to go to... OR just watch as much TV as you want... :) or read some books... :)

Laura said...

Oh how I recall this place of heart growling!
Yet, these are the last days of JJ and Dave as they've known them.
Drink long and deep, savor each other in this precious time.

As labor begins to show it's signs, here is a little poem to sweeten Lucy's coming:

"These Last Few Hours"

It is important to me
that I spend a part
of the next few hours here
alone with you in the darkness.

You and I will never be
this close again.
By morning you will be
a tiny person
all on your own.
No longer the kicking,
demanding bulge in my body
that I have grown to love so well.

I pray that God will safely guide you on your journey tonight,
and I ask Him for the strength
to help you all that I can.

Again you signal,
your impatience
to be free.......

Time to wake your Daddy.

~author unknown~

mary said...

i can't wait!!!!!!!! she is going to be a wonderful example of love to you gyes! mary:)