Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bel Kai Designs

I just got this necklace in the mail from Whitney over at Bel Kai Designs. I love it! There's even a little "L" for my Lucy Love. Please take a minute to go check out her beautiful jewelry.

Thank you Whitney!


Sleepless Stitch said...

That is simply beautiful! Checked out her website and found a few I instantly fell in love with.

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Thanks JJ - so happy you love it. Still waiting for you to come this way...SoCal. ;) Take care!

Linda Z said...

I love the colors and patterns of your necklace! What a beautiful treasure! :)

... and I'm partial to L's! :)

Anonymous said...

The is beautiful! I feel stupid for the lame-o L I gave you earlier. Glad you have this!!!

Laura said...

What a find!
Thanks for sharing with us J.J. ~
oooh those damask earrings
are so uniquely lovely.
{{* *}}

MisCdaisy said...

Love love love that necklace!!!

I was hoping to see/hear y'all sing while you were in Nash-Veges!!!

I wanted to let you know that I am passing a Beautiful Blog award along to you... check out my post called "yea for me"... If you'd like to accept the award!

Blessings to you JJ and your sweet family! I am praying for much success in your music endeavors.

<3 Melissa

Tara said...

I so loved this necklace that I had to check out the website. I sent the link to my husband who had a necklace customized for our 10th anniversary! Love your music and love my new necklace! Thanks JJ!