Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two Things

And we are once again moving forward with our house project. We bought this chair today and it's so comfy.

Dave and I have a vision of using our eat-in-kitchen space for a conversation/reading/coffee-drinking nook. We spend some time searching for a round, wooden table to fit the space, and we just ordered it online. Don't worry, we're not going to use that bistro table in that space... it's just for reference.

AND... I found this AWESOME mirror! I just love it. It's made out of some mysterious plastic-y substance.

I'm going to paint it, but I don't know what color yet. White is the most sensible, but I want to wait to make my final decision until we choose all our room colors. It could look awesome if I paint it a vibrant color.

By the way... I put the stool in the photo to give you a size reference. I can't wait to paint it and put it on the wall!


Larissa said...

That mirrior is amazing! I'm always afraid to paint on surfaces that are mysterious. . . are you just going to try to spray paint it? :)

Pauly said...

I'm glad you ordered the table. Sometimes it can be hard to find a subsitute when you've already seen what you really want.

Angela said...

I am loving following the house decorating progress. Everything looks perfect! And is it possible that we saw you in Nashville this weekend at Jersey Mike's? haha...random, but thought it might have been you all. :-)

Puna said...

wow, your voice and music is beautiful. And so is your home...

stace said...

great find! and cute picture with your feet in the mirror's reflection... :]

leaf and letter handmade said...

i immediately thought of this:

i love your music, and i'm so excited to find you have a crafty blog!

The Turners said...

My husband just painted a mirror somewhat similar to this one a matte fire engine red and it looks amazing! However, I'm thinking about asking him to paint it a bright yellow for our new nursery!

Laura said...

Hmm..the mirror.
Femininely sturdy.
The color is handsome as is,
but what if it peeked through boldly
as a burnish
with a bit of whitewashed blue
over it?
Not vibrant,
but lots of

{{* *}}

Pen and View said...

ooooh, love the mirror JJ! Paint it white! I may have to steal that idea and find me a mirror. The wall above my bed is blank and I've been struggling with what to put there.

Sleepless Stitch said...

Love Love Love! The mirror is to much fun, can't wait to see the color you chose.
Looks like things are going smoothly in regards to decorating. :]
Have a wonderful week!

kierstin said...

you know i am thrilled to see my favorite blue chair in your coffee nook. yippee!
and i love love the mirror---i could see it white for sure---or glossy robin's egg blue. mmmm.