Saturday, March 13, 2010

porch lights

I'm really excited. I just bought these lights to put up on the back porch, but we're kind-of undecided about how we should do it.

Dave wants to string them in a straight line along that horizontal beam.

But I think it would be cool to zig-zag them from the beam, to the house, back to the beam, etc.

I suppose another option could be to wrap the lights around that beam.
Can anyone find any good inspiration photos?


Leah said...

i like the zigzag idea!

kinda like a neat little bistro or restaurant kinda look..

Shilohmae said...

oh, that sounds like it'll be super pretty. I like the idea of hanging them straight, but here is a cool looking picture of zigzag lights

Sarah S said...

what a GREAT patio!!!

Sharon said...

i think zigzag will give you more light

SophieJP said...

I vote zig zag. The first thought I had was the interior lights that Olive Garden has. This is the only picture I could find that sort of shows it.

danielleaxtell said...

Hope these help!

Connie said...

Hi JJ. Can you tell me if you bought these lights recently. I have been looking for these online and I can't find them. I am wanting to do the same thing to my patio.


BizarkDeal said...

WED String Lights from Bizarkdeal

It is Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. Solar Powered + Waterproof is prefect for outdoor decoration. Very nice product for the money.
I made hooks so it can stay on the gutter. The solar panel seems have can only stick into the ground which may not be ideal with heavy snow comes.
No complain yet. Will see how long it last.

Ronit Verma said...

Another advantage and convenience factor of using Battery operated string lights as opposed to electric powered lights is the other benefits of not having to deal with wires.