Thursday, September 13, 2007

Connie's Bids Us Farewell

Since Dave and I moved to Nashville a year ago, I've enjoyed driving past Connie's Thrift Store (which my friend, Sarah, lovingly calls "Connie's Crack House," and my husband calls "Connie's Crap"). Every time we roll by I crane my neck to see all of the treasures that were hauled outside of the store earlier that morning... I say "treasures," Dave says "crap." He laughs at me when I do this because he says that I always smile when I'm surveying the goods. 

Now comes the sad news: Connie's is no more! She is closing her doors forever to treasure hunters such as myself. I couldn't help wading through the... mostly garbage... to see if I could find one or two last things. Here are my finds.. frame + dish= $3 : 

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