Thursday, September 13, 2007

Connie's Bids Us Farewell

Since Dave and I moved to Nashville a year ago, I've enjoyed driving past Connie's Thrift Store (which my friend, Sarah, lovingly calls "Connie's Crack House," and my husband calls "Connie's Crap"). Every time we roll by I crane my neck to see all of the treasures that were hauled outside of the store earlier that morning... I say "treasures," Dave says "crap." He laughs at me when I do this because he says that I always smile when I'm surveying the goods. 

Now comes the sad news: Connie's is no more! She is closing her doors forever to treasure hunters such as myself. I couldn't help wading through the... mostly garbage... to see if I could find one or two last things. Here are my finds.. frame + dish= $3 : 

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writing services said...

Oh, so sad to know this wonderful place is no more. What happened to connie and why have she closed down the store? Is she moving or permanently saying good bye to this business?