Thursday, September 20, 2007

Store Brainstorm

Here are a few of my ideas for my etsy store:
1. photograph all my onesies like this...
2. call the store: "lovely little things," so that I can add items that don't have to do with babies, and the name still works.  
3. I will upgrade to Carter's brand onesies instead of Gerber
Here are my concerns:
1. I will have a very limited selection (i.e. one style in one size)
2. I will have to carry around all my inventory when we travel so that I can fill orders from the road.


Kellyry said...

LOVE that elephant one, though they are all darling fabrics, shapes & colors.

The limited stock thing could work in you favor in that it could inspire custom orders for a certain size or design, making them easier to produce in a time frame that suits your schedule on the road. You set the delivery terms up front, so if people want what you offer, they'll accept the terms.

I've purchased a few things on Etsy and each time it's taken almost 3 weeks to get my item. Fortunately nothing was needed immediately and I was willing to wait. I think Etsy has that "home-grown-artist" thing going for it so people are much more understanding about shipping delays than if they order something from mega-retailers like Amazon.

I will definitely browse your Etsy store once you get it up & running!

Jes said...

Cute blog J! I look forward to seeing more of your work and pics! And um...I REALLY wanna get out to Nashville sometime, your house looks so great! Happy creating!

Ali O said...

andy brought me something home today :) go Etsy!