Monday, July 21, 2008

20 Weeks

Here are a few photos that Dave took of me a few days ago in the future nursery. I'm wearing a dress I borrowed from my friend Lisa (thank you!). I don't normally wear purple, but I think it's kinda sweet :). We have our big ultrasound appointment on Friday... I'm SOOOO curious to know what we're having!


-MC- said...

A new life into the world! What a blessing! Congratulations and best wishes!

Jelly and Jack said...

You are stunning JJ! I am so excited for you will be great parents. Please let us all know what you're having!!

Sleepless Stitch said...

The studio photos and these photos look great!! Can't wait to find out what you are having!! What an exciting time. :)

I can not wait to get the new cd when it comes out...I listen to your other cds all the time. They are part of what gets me through the ruff moments I have. It has also been so awesome because the things we have been learning in the teachings at church have gone with the words in your music and it makes it all the more clear to my heart!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!!

Amy said...

Oh JJ.. you should wear purple! Wow... just lovely! Love love the baby pooch.. .you are just glowing and so beautiful. ~ Amy

Erisa said...

You look beautiful. I personally like purple. :) I understand your anticipation! We find out next Tuesday what we're having. (And this is our 5th! You'd think that we'd be all chilled out by now, but we're even more excited than we were with our first. Go figure.)

Anyway, I don't think that our due dates are too far off of each other....I'm 19 weeks today.

Take care!

Stephen Cross said...

Hi JJ,

congrats on your baby, you are going to be one fantastic mom !!!


Elli said...

Purple is a very royal color. As a pregnant momma you look very "royal". Thank you for sharing the pictures!

The Porter Family said...

Little Jave is gettin' Big!!! And I love your shirt/dress :) So cute!

TheWinnFamily said...

You have one of the cutest baby bumps I've ever seen! Darling.