Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Studio Photos

I got some more photos to cooperate and finally load... so here they are!


Stephen Cross said...

Hi JJ,

I came across your music accidentaly and was so impressed that I ordered "Only Love Remains" from Amazon and it arrived here in South Africa a few days later. I think it must have been one of the first copies in SA but I'm glad to tell you that I finally saw your albumn on sale at our local gospel music shop a few months ago.

You and Dave are an inspiration and you really seem to have a wonderfull life.


elle + josh said...

hi jj,

i just discovered your blog, & it was so exciting to see another family doing music + art together! (i end up posting lots of studio shots on our family blog, too!) my husband is a musician, & we tour alot as a family (sometimes, but right now we are glad to be resting in portland). when we are home i am busy doing crafty things like you! your family seems so sweet, & i was so happy this morning to stumble upon your site!