Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting the Lead Out

I recently realized that peeling paint (that is quite possibly lead-based) is not the best thing to have around a pregnant lady. So, I (sadly) had Dave put some of my lovely old things down in our crawl space. I had SUCH a rough time trying to redo my two mantle displays without my shabby-chic antiques. Alas, these sacrifices must be made for the health and safety of all.

Here's what the living room mantle used to look like:
Here it is lead-free:
Here's the dining room mantle before (the mirror next to the H had to retire):
Here it is now. There's a photo of a beautiful blue flower in the frame.. sorry you can't see it!:
I don't like the arrangements as much as the old ones, but they will have to suffice!


Pauly said...

Aww, but it's worth it for a healthy baby! And I love the blue bottles.

*jj said...

thanks :)

Sarah S said...

sweet friend... if you repaint them it's ok... as long as they do not chip.. and even then... it's like... if you eat the paint chips... or directly breath the dust... :)
way to be safe... for jave...