Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hem For Her

A friend of mine asked me on Sunday if I could hem jeans. I've done it before, but I was wary to commit to hemming her jeans because sometimes it's soooo obvious when jeans are hemmed. But THEN I heard about a way to use the existing hem so that it actually looks good. I found a tutorial online, and I tried it out with an old pair of my jeans.

During....I like my feet :)


It's hardly even noticeable that I messed with the hem at all! People, I'm very excited about this.


Sarah S said...

that does look good... can you fix my jeans while your here this week?!!?! ... all one pair I own... and ... nice work crafty sewing lady...

Sarah M said...

The link! The link! I must know how to do this very crafty thing!

*jj said...

Sarah S: I would love to hem your jeans
Sarah M: You should pay me money for this valuable information :)

Carol Phillips said...

AAH!! This will save me so much money in alteration fees... I hadn't figured out how to do this, so I've paid for a lot of hemming. And, maybe a little extra $ could be earned on the side? Excited about tomorrow!

Mom said...

When you were only 6 lbs 5 oz I knew how very special you were! I just didn't realize how verstile you would become...my amazement and joy keeps growing!! Go JJ.