Friday, February 29, 2008


I've been doing really well with exercise in the past few weeks. (Sarah and I even went on a few walks together... here we are swinging our hips:). I'm supposed to exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week to help with my anxiety. And I think it has helped.. but I've had to take a break due to my under-the-weather-ness. I never thought I would miss exercise, but I actually do!


Mom said...

You go girl!

Sarah S said...

we're cute... for some reason that photo makes me think of hs... and just how long we've been friends... maybe it's the never ending sidewalk ahead of us in the photo... love you friend! keep up the hard work!

Martha said...

Hey JJ.. switchinggranny here,

And I wanted to say that I am very much enjoying your blog.. I am so proud of you for your decorating... and especially your sewing and enthusiasm regarding the things you are making and learning to make.

But now.. the excercising.... You go girl!

Swinging the hips can be part of an awesome type of exercise called racewalking!

I was a racewalker b/f the MS diagnosis.

Consider it.. GREAT workout
And a crazy little hip swing to go with it. Little people seem to do especially well. Get with me and I will point you to some great info and encouragement.

Blessings Thaks for sharing you blog with your fans.