Saturday, March 1, 2008

Edinburg, Texas

We ate here last night.

I'm so bummed I didn't bring my camera inside! I forgot it in our room, so I had to take pictures on our way out of town today. I've never eaten anywhere like it. It was a gas station/restaurant and our food came in a big plastic crate. Dave was unhappy that they played country music inside, but the turkey was good and it was a genuine, authentic Texas barbeque experience.


Mom said...

HOWDY, next time you come by I'll be happy to serve your food in crates and boy do I have the country music selection just for Dave!

Reidun May said...

Hello, I come from Norway:)
You make lovely dresses! Very nice to visit your "blog"!

Sarah M said...

yay Rudy's. It's one of our favorites! Glad you enjoyed.

Becky said...

Hello I am Becky. Love ur music and I am from edinburg tx...yay...I saw u at the University of Texas Pan Am was awesome!