Friday, March 7, 2008

Proud To Be A Harmonican

A few days ago Dave and I were watching a DVD series by Tom Jackson. Not only does he flip his long, straight hair ALL THE TIME, but he also might just be one of the most eccentric people I've ever met. His job is to keep people entertained (very appropriate). He does consultations and seminars to help musicians improve their impact on audiences from the stage.

I gleaned several nuggets of useful information from his "All Roads Lead to the Stage" DVD series. Here are some highlights: 1. People don't come to a concert to hear music, they come to see people. 2. Most people in the audience WANT to like you. 3. People want to experience "moments" during the course of the show. Is it bad to tell you that one of his favorite points (he says it ALL THE TIME) is: "the audience is ignorant." He obviously hasn't met all of you guys :).

Tom Jackson inspired Dave and me to brainstorm about creating another "musical moment" in our live show, and thus... drumroll please....I bought a harmonica. It's true! I bought a professional Hohner in the key of C. I decided that Dave can be the guitarist, and I can be the harmonican (yes, I made up that word, but I like it). I've been practicing for the past few days, and we might even use it in our concert on Sunday night during our song "Small." I don't really know if I'm even holding it right, but so far it sounds pretty decent :).

I just found a video of this guyplaying freakishly fast, and it REALLY made me feel like a poser. I just decided that during the concert on Sunday night, I simply need to act like a pro, and maybe the audience will REALLY be ignorant and love me for the fantastic harmonican that I am.


tims said...


Josh Wax said...

that's awesome. i wish i had the skills to be a harmonican

Pauly said...

What harmonican it do? Seriously, I can't wait to hear you :-)

Sarah M said...

Hooray, a harmonican too! I wish I had the talent... When I was a kid and would play my dog would howl - seriously, like a blood hound (he was a lab).

Carol Phillips said...

Okay, so you never cease to amaze me! Liam can teach you some mad skillz. He rocks his harmonica hard core! :)

Tara Ulmer said...

JJ--I can't wait to see you tonight at the concert (Bluffton). Thanks for coming to our small little town! You were great at 2nd service today!

Peace and God Bless! ><>