Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Is Beautiful

This dress was a custom order... my first! The flowers were such a pain to cut out, but well-worth the effort. It's so Spring-y!


Sarah S said...

how's the pink thing coming along!

TheWinnFamily said...

SO cute! Can't wait for Brennan's! Custom order #2!!

Josh Wax said...

i couldn't agree with you IS beautiful

Charsbeads4u said...

You've got a good eye for color and great taste in clothes! Can't wait to see what new designs you come up with! Love the little dresses!!! =)

Reidun May said...

What a lovely dress you made. I keep coming back to see what you are making, it`s very pretty.

Liz said...

This just arrived today and it is even cuter in person!!!!
Thank you!!!