Monday, March 24, 2008

Girls' Day

My mom, sister and I spent the day together, and it all started here at Petroglyph. I worked here the summer of 2002 while I was still in college and Dave was away at his internship at the Arizona Republic (the Phoenix newspaper). The funny thing is, I think I spent almost all the money I made that summer on plane tickets to go see Dave :).

It was a little bit surreal to be back in the store. The place looked different, but the smell was unmistakeable. Steph and I chose to paint soap dispensers, although hers will be used in her classroom as a poison flask during her unit on Romeo and Juliet (minus the pump top). My mom picked a butter dish, and persuaded my sister, the master of penmanship to write "butter" on the top. It was scary how well she wielded the puffy paint... like a true master.

Here's my inspiration for my dispenser (thank you Martha Stewart magazine!)

Of course Stephanie's flask could not be complete without a skull and crossbones, so I found a book which explained how to make a skull (among other things) out of a finger print. It was very instrumental to the design (the skull is the one on the right side in the blue).

Here are the final pieces of art. Having worked at Petroglyph, I know that the odds of things turning out well are slim to none, and that's why I was so surprised at our finished products! They're all so cute. They will look different when the get fired, but we won't know until Thursday... and I won't know until I come back to California for another visit. I hope I can wait that long!


Josh Wax said...

the suspense is killing me

Jes said...

o cool J! I really like the branches coming up from the bottom!

Pauly said...

Was your design inspired by the fabric from the kimono top? Very cute. Love your hair, too.

MisbehavinAngel said...

Like what you did and I really LOVE that new hair style. My hair is not curly enough for such a cut, but it looks great!